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New Year, new goals, new games!


2015 has been a blast and especially coming back from PAX in November, we realised more than ever that we need to take our games all the way through to publishing sooner, rather than later. This is why alongside our PC development we have stepped into a market completely new to us: Mobile Gaming.

So we have been pretty busy since our last update & we’re starting 2016 with even more challenges and will let you all in on our progress! We’re pretty excited to announce that we’re working on a remake of our coffee-infused 72hr-Game-Jam, ROID RAGE… for iPad.
The new version will be jam-packed with finger shattering action, more ship upgrades, two additional game modes (a nerve-racking bonus round and a chilled resource hunting game) and in-game achievements.

Can’t remember our original Roid-clicking rampage? Have a look HERE.