What? You haven’t played ROID RAGE? Here’s our official Trailer:

Final Countdown for Beta-Testing – Introducing Accelerometer Controls


What a crazy week it has been! Thanks to all Beta-Testers for your feedback, keep it coming! With your  feedback, we’ve optimised all those little details that make the game more fun. Here’s the technical stuff. We now confirm whether the game has an internet connection and disable the REWARDS and BUY menus accordingly. That’s a little nicer than being able to interact with a button if you don’t realise your internet connection is not present.

But now to the fun stuff. ACCELEROMETER ROTATION CONTROLS ARE NOW IN! By default it’s still swipe to rotate, however head to SHIP UPGRADES and turn on your ships accelerometer for tilt-tastic action.


And yes, for you hardcore flight gals and guys out there, there is an option to invert your tilt pitch controls.

We’re still busy adding some final touches – OCD much? – but the release date is nearly upon us.