Thwart GEO Sneak Peak

While exploring the realms of mobile gaming, we were reminded of the good old days, when you’re face was stuck against a Vectrex screen or your thumbs got cramps from playing Bubble Bobble on sticky controllers.

The simplicity of the graphics, the seemingly easy but frustrating game play and the ultimate feeling when you finally mastered all levels…. *sigh*  Well, we’ve been busy creating exactly THAT kind of game. Easy to play, but hard to master. Let us introduce you to THWART.

Per definition, THWART  <ˈthwȯrt> means:

1    a :  to run counter to so as to effectively oppose or baffle:

     b :  to oppose successfully; defeat the hopes or aspirations of

2:  to pass through or across

And that is exactly, what’s happening in the game. But have a look yourself and get excited:

We’re planning to release to iOs and Android around mid April 2016 so stay tuned! You can read more about THWART right here.