Playup Perth Recap 29/04/2016

IMG_1431We’re back in Kalgoorlie and extremely happy with the outcome of the Interstate Arcade edition of PlayUp Perth. A big Thank you to SK Games, FTI, and all the wonderful people behind this wonderful event, we had a blast and got so valuable feedback out of this experience.¬†Another big thanks goes out to all those lovely peeps playing our game, we really appreciate your feedback. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing other people playing (and enjoying) our game, a rare sight for us living in the Golden Outback!IMG_1423

Playup Perth not only gave us the opportunity to playtest other awesome Australian-made games and games from overseas , but we also had the chance to get to know our “local” game dev scene better and to put some faces to names. The personal exchange and the in-depth conversations with other game developers and game-enthusiasts was such an invigorating and inspiring experience, as the indie game dev scene gets a little more limited the further we head out of the cities.IMG_1430
We also had the opportunity to snoop around WA’s first ever games industry co-working space Level One, run by FTI and SK, a creative environment for collaborating, networking and showcasing. We are impressed that there is such valuable space for indie devs available in WA and we’ll do what we can to make it a habit to come down more often to share the creative energy and inspiration and to keep in touch with fellow game devs. After this warm welcome, we’re proud to be part of this thriving and vibrant WA indie game scene.

With all the feedback in our heads, we’re now entering the final polishing stages for THWART Geo which we aim to release by the end of this week.

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