The power of POWER-UPS!

Understanding power-ups will help get that win!

PRO TIP #47: Keep an eye out for power-ups that appear close together on screen.  It may sometimes be more advantageous to leave a power-up for a few seconds to see where the next will appear.  Combining power-ups can cause even more destruction!



If you see one of these pop up, don’t miss the chance to grab it.  Think of it as an extra life.  This bad boy will allow you to take an extra hit during the level when you happen to be sitting on top of a enemy spawn dot when you make that direct shot!

Faster Shots


Pew pew more than ever. Get this and hold those thumbs down, especially good for taking out armed enemies & their projectiles when shooting armed enemies!  Shoot twice as fast!



Stopping you dead and auto shooting will help to line up that shot but remember to warp out of the way if enemies or projectiles are on a collision course!

vortex_picAside from looking awesome the vortex will capture anything that comes within its range.  Using one of these at the right time can capture large groups of anything chasing you!  Rack up those those multipliers!!

Four way shot


MORE fire power.  These little bad boys will arc around their activation point causing destruction wherever they go!



Let’s do the timewarp (I bet you sang that part… or are now!) & slow down current enemies on screen.  Think of it like that really cool scene in that movie we all know & love. You know.. the one with the really cool trench coats & people named Neo & Trinity.


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