ROID RAGE – 72hr Game Jam


ROID RAGE is a finger-breaking, asteroid destroying, clicker that allows you to buy and upgrade your skills and boosts between rounds!

The Story

It is a product of a self set challenge for us to put together a game within 72 hours. Sleeping is over rated!

  • Destroy roids and collect resources in an ever-changing and never-ending galaxy
  • Sell valuables and not-so valuables for creds cash to upgrade and buy even better skills and boosts
  • Watch out for comets, they steal asteroids from you – and the possibility to gain an energy boost
  • Keep an eye on your cargo and jettison any not-so valuable resources to make space for more

How many rounds can you last? >>CLICK HERE TO START A ROID RAMPAGE<<

Background music track by Chris ‘beek’ Hampton ( /



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