An intergalactic speed tapper that makes you see red. Get ready for some finger-breaking action!

ROID RAGE is a finger-breaking, asteroid destroying, speed tapper that allows you to buy and upgrade your skills, boosts and space crafts.

Tap to destroy ROIDS and collect High-Grade and Low-Grade Resources in a dynamic low-poly galaxy. Keep an eye on your cargo and jettison Low-Grade resources to make space for more. Collect resources for CREDS and unlock and upgrade skills and bigger and better space craft.

Scan space with probes to find scrap and fuel for further missions and upgrades. Watch out for those comets, as they steal Roids from you – and the possibility to gain energy boosts. Beat your personal best in unlimited 15 Second, 30 Second and 60 Second Roid Rage challenges and tap the heck out of your screen.
Are you ready for some intergalactic action? 3, 2, 1 – ROID RAGE!


  • Over 300 upgrades available
  • Maximum game play with 5 game modes
  • Personal achievements and highscores
  • Low-poly aesthetics combined with clean vector art
  • Unique in-game currencies and exchange systems
  • Addictive, finger-breaking game-mechanic




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